FREE Doctor Evaluation

Date: June 21 Hour: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
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Your health is important to us! That's why we partnered with ConnectiCare to offer FREE health screenings for the entire family. Don't miss this opportunity to talk to a CliniSanitas doctor and learn more about your health indicators:

  • Blood pressure reading
  • Glucose (blood sugar) levels
  • Body Max Index (BMI)
  • Location:
  • 1487 Pleasant Valley Rd - Manchester, CT 06042

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If your health indicators fall outside of a good range, it may be the first warning sign you receive informing you of a potential health risk or problem.

Finding these warning signs early gives you the opportunity for proactive treatment options and lifestyle changes. Overall, the free evaluation guides you to where you should take action to improve your health, and helps to track your health improvements.

As important as these health indicators are, they are not a mechanism for diagnosing or treating a disease. And they are not a replacement for regular medical examinations. We encourage you to speak promptly with your healthcare provider about your health indicators after your health evaluation.